A Film by Henry Bateman & Heather Millard

This feature-length documentary film tells the story of a few Icelandic people, not afraid to stand out from the crowd, who are taking a different path towards a more sustainable future.

Academics, Politicians, Farmers, Scientists and Visionaries all demonstrate how the isolated country of Iceland could – with a little help from their friends – become not only a testing ground for new technologies but also a completely sustainable ecosystem.
Punctuated with beautiful photography and a rousing soundtrack from Ampop frontman Biggi Hilmars and featuring a new song by Damien Rice – Future of Hope is an inspiration for a changing world.

A perfect insight into the country of Iceland, the landscapes and the people.

Over the past 20 years we have seen a growing realization that the current model for society and culture is unsustainable. We have been living beyond our means… A character driven documentary following individuals that strive to change the world of consumerism, a system of credit and debt. Focusing on sustainable developments in nature, organic farming, business, innovation and renewable energy – filled with positivity and emotion as we are taken on a story of struggle, determination and most importantly…hope. ‘Future of Hope’ takes you on a journey from the history to the present and even into the future of a new and sustainable Iceland…

Length: 1×75’

Directed by Henry Bateman
Produced by Heather Millard
Co-Produced by Herbert Sveinbjornsson

Andri Snær Magnason
Bogi Jónsson
Davið Scheving
Drothée Houdou
Dr. Björn Gunnarsson
Guðjón Már Guðjónsson
Guðni Gunnarsson
Guðrún Ingvarsdóttir
Jessica Harris
Jón Bogason
Karolina Gunnarsdóttir
Katrín Jakobsdóttir
Professor Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir
Ómar Ragnarsson
Sæmundur Ásgeirsson
Steffie Tanya Mongar
Professor Thorsteinn I. Sigfusson
Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

Length: 1×75’

‘I really enjoyed the unabashed optimism of this film. Although it discusses a great deal of environmental and economical problems that concern not only Iceland, but also the rest of the world, it frames them around the constructive energy that certain people manage to put forth.’

Toronto Film Scene

‘FUTURE OF HOPE confronts the issues we are facing in this situation we speak of involving climate,food,water and natural resources, the effect of the financial crash on the thinking and actions of the Icelandic people and communities, and the new and creative innovations and ideas taking place in a nation fueled with tenacity and persistence in light of the storm and branches of sustainability for the rest of the world to connect to and hopefully jump on board.’
Reviews by Hudson

IDFA 2010, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam – Green Screen Competition – Official Selection
Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival 2011 – Habitat Competition – Official Selection
One World Film Festival 2011, Prague – Official Selection
WorldFilm Festival 2011, Estonia – Official Selection
Energy Film Festival 2011, Switzerland – Special Jury Mention
Planet in Focus 2011, Canada – Official Selection
Galway Film Fleadh 2011, Ireland – Official Selection
Green Film Festival 2011, Argentina – Official Selection
Hamburg Film Festival 2011, Germany – Official Selection
Nordic Lights Film Festival 2011, Seattle, USA – Official Selection
HumanDoc International Film Festival 2011, Poland – Official Selection
XVI International Festival Bar 2011, Montenegro – Official Selection
One World Film Festival 2011, Slovakia – Official Selection
Kinookus Food Film Festival 2011, Croatia.


EDDA Awards 2011, Iceland – Best Documentary of the Year